Late Summer Update
In fact, one of the Tera Trainees has progressed to sailboarding and has won the Regional Championships at Weymouth this summer, racing for the first time in the 4.5m2 class
Two weeks after competing at the National Championships at Rutland, HISC Juniors Sophie Blaydes and Guy Gibson went  to the BYS & SW regionals at Weymouth and came back with first and second places in the 4.5 m2 Techno Class
Sophie had her first windsurfing lesson at HISC just over two years ago, and has progressed to blasting up and down the trots on windy summer days. Having discovered that much of what she has learnt from 4 years in the HISC Tera pathway works just as well in windsurfers, she plans to compete in both Tera Pro and Techno 293 next year.

Summer update

The Tera Sailors, despite loosing some of their winter training, continue to excel in the various Junior Weeks and Championships

The Paddle boards donated to the Thursday Club are proving very popular and are also being used by the Seals to get youngsters playing in the water.

In the lagoon - or more adventuresome - out in the channel at low water

paddleboards 2paddleboards 4





THURSDAY CLUB. 1550 has been granted to the Thursday Club for the purchase of two Stand-up- paddle boards. These arrived after certain delays and were put into use on the second Thursday. It is thought that they will be ideal for beginners just to get them on the water before they have to bother with sails and suchlike. Histt hopes that the Seals will also be able to make use of them in the lagoon.

 May, so Frank is back on the water and HISTT has handed over 8.5K towards the engine repairs. Many thanks to all of our very generous donors

 However, do not stop donating! This is a very old rib and much used so it is expected that maintenance will be ongoing!
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At the moment we are collecting donations for HAYLING RESCUE. A fault developed in the engine which has meant more work than the usual winter overhaul needs to be done. Donations are coming in and are gratefully received but more funds are needed if we are to keep Frank on the water for the next three years!

Easter update. The Teras and Fevas are in full swing, the weather being a bit warmer but still a bit frisky. It is hoped to get in all the lost training sessions during the holidays

The Tera Winter Training this year has not come off very well due to the awful, very cold and windy weather. So far three sessions have been lost but it has been decreed by the management that the Winter members may have their winter membership prolonged so that they can join in with the rescheduled sessions

The New Pontoon is now in use especially by the ribs, and a visiting cruiser has berthed alongside . It was also invaluable during the cruiser launching process  and today (March 25th) the Police Launch visited us.

It does however have a few teething problems we gather which are going back to the designer.