News 22

This year HISTT expenditure has not been high but  more is expected over the coming winter!

Hayling rescue rib has kept going all year with just one minor repair needed of about 450. Frank, of course,  also keeps going and is on the water keeping an eye on everybody everywhere! However, this winter, the rib does have to have a major overhaul which is going to cost thousands!  So please do keep your donations coming!!!!

The Thursday Club has had funding from HISTT for RYA courses - one Instructor and one Deputy Instructor  - for their advanced pupils. These youngsters go on to instruct children of the Thursday Club until they have to go off to Uni  - but they often come back and help out further.

The shed by the First Aid room, built with a grant of 1000 from HISTT last year, is proving very useful.

The Youth Fleets have not been very demanding of late. However, it was suggested to the 29er Fleet Captain that she might apply for a training grant - the which she did for classes held in the Spring. . HISC is a major center for the 29er which is a rather tricky, complicated boat with a tendency to sail at the horizontal rather than vertical. There are quite a few  at the club and we have crews w305124851_441834164635880_138554884783059435_nith a wide range of skills from beginners to national stars,   the latter regularly going off around the circuits. This left quite a few youngsters not quite up to racing, who with an influx of other youth members who have out-grown their Fevas, were able  to support the training classes. In fact, the turnout for club racing was much improved this summer with 11 entries for the last Pennant series in October!

A past beneficiary of training at HISC, coming up through the Teras and Fevas, has moved onto windsurfing. After two years racing in the Techno fleet with the RYA squad she has now moved onto the iQFOiL

She is shown here at the World Championships in Switzerland earlier this year and since coming home she has been offered a place in the RYA iQFOiL Youth Performance Squad 2022-23!

Please do help us to support our Youth Fleets together with the Thursday Club and Frank

To find out how to donate, go to our website , page -  ‘You can help’