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The Teras have already started their winter training - in rather harsh conditions - but still well attended by 26 youngsters, with new Winter members enthusiastically joining in.
PONTOON. Donations and collections together with Gift Aid claimed from HMRC  to the tune of 22110 have now been handed over to the Club. This is  some contribution to the horrendous cost of the new Pontoon which is now very nearly installed across the beach - and looks very smart!

The Tera and Oppi Red Ribbon group has applied for a grant of 1000 for their specialised coaching which we  have been pleased to grant to them. This discount will only be applied to members and not to the visitors who come and join in. The training will be starting shortly with small races before each event in order to grade the students. This coaching is generally oversubscribed and the organisers have to work hard to find enough coaches,  ribs and volunteer helpers


2017 saw the expansion of the Tera Red Ribbon Training Club to the Tera and Optimist Red Ribbon Training and Regatta.  
Once again the objective was to build confidence in the children to help them bridge the gap between messing around in the lagoon and racing on West Mud. Many of the youngsters struggle with this as they have to understand a number of new aspects of sailing such as -

  • Sailing much further off shore and thus, unable to quickly get back to shore
    Understanding what a race course is
    Learning the starting sequence
    Normally having to cope with more wind 
  • All of which can be off putting when the inevitable one or two over-vocal youngsters start demonstrating their grasp of the rules! 
    The format chosen this year was 4 one day training sessions spread over the start of the summer with a 3 day regatta at the start of the school summer holidays for just the red ribbon club. Led, as ever by the confidence inspiring Melvyn, the children had a mix of weather over the training weekends.  There were 16 children in total that were split into one Optimist group and two Tera groups, which meant that class sizes were small and friendly. Over these 4 days the children really gained confidence and knowledge of sailing and began to learn about racing.
    One highlight was on a windy day when sailing was not possible, Tera racing with hand paddling was planned. Despite many of the kids being nervous racing sailors, all nerves soon evaporated for the paddle races which then had to be abandoned due to an overly competitive squad!  
    One particular success was splitting each group up and then running Le-mans style racing from the shore around a mark and back again. This really helped bring out the competitive element of the children and was an easy to understand course and almost everyone’s first experience of racing. 
    The children then progressed to the regatta which was very ably led by Sam Yeardsley and Charlie Darling. Each day started with a briefing, some training and then some short races. Again the weather was mixed but the race team did a great job of getting in lots and lots of short races, with all the children coming away with an understanding and knowledge of both starting and the correct course to sail.
    Overall, it was a very successful program with many of the children going on to complete Mengham week, Youth Race Week and even for some, Fed Week and the Tera Nationals. A huge thanks to all of the coaches and of course Sarah Mitchell and Hillary Baker for all of their hard work to make it happen.

    Sent in by Sarah

The Tera Winter Training Programme 2016 / 2017 was a huge success, all five weekends were completed by three different groups.
The groups, bronze, silver and gold fleet were run very successfully by three top coaches including HISC’s own Debbie Jarvis.
The training enabled each of the three groups to extend their sailing abilities considerably, and also to build towards lifelong friendships with peers with the whom they were training.
Massive improvements were recorded by all three coaches across the fleets and a huge sense of pride was felt by all the children taking part.
Obviously, it is always great to see good results from such training programmes and these have been excellent this year. Not only did the majority of these children compete at HISC youth events such as the Sunday series, extremely popular Tera Sprints ( 27 competed last weekend, which did winter training ) and HISC Youth Race Week, but also many of these families traveled further afield to Carnac,  France for Tera Worlds, and also to Weymouth for the Tera Nationals.
Although our winter trainers had extensive success this year, two sailors in particular had wins to celebrate, one winter trainer won the Tera Nationals sport fleet, and another won the regatta fleet. It is important to note that both these children have only ever received coaching at HISC.
This year we have been somewhat overwhelmed by the success of previous years as we have a large number of visitors requesting Winter Membership in order that they can share our winter training programme.
We would like to thank HISTT and the RYA for their past support in our winter training programme. Looking ahead to this winter we are challenged by the doubling of the rib costs, and the loss of RYA funding, but we still have a considerable list of 35 children who wish to take part. We are excited to be able to offer these children the opportunity to train at such a high level over the winter months, and we pray that the weather conditions will be favourable this winter

HAYLING RESCUE Franks Rib continues to need hefty maintenance and we were able to support him with 2.5K so far this year. Funds are always required and if he has rescued you recently please do donate with a Gift Aid declaration

The winter Training for the Tera fleet has now concluded. The fleet was divided into three groups  over the series. Some of the weekends were lost due to bad weather - the Bronze group especially not being launched in near freezing conditions. Martin Grady the organiser for this series - thanks HISTT for their support and says - The training has been very well attended and there have been some fantastic improvements across all the groups.  I even think there are some potential National and World Champions in the Gold fleet.  - See Above

Due to the horrific cost of replacing the pontoon, HISC has decided to appeal to the members for funds. Any donations put through HISTT will be increased by 25% and various methods of acquiring funds are being investigated. For starters, the Quiz organised by the Two Sues raised nearly 500, half of which was presented to HISTT to open the Pontoon Account. Further donations are being received from people in lieu of doing their Club Duties - and then there is the Charity Auction, donations from which will also come through HISTT

Thursday Club
Two pupils went along to Hayling Sea School,  were put through their paces  and gained their PB2 certificates.
Originally the Application to HISTT had been for one pupil only but the School generously used the 100 to train and certify two pupils, one of whom responded with a much appreciated thank you card to the School!

Commodores Bursaries 2017 ARE NOT BEING AWARDED

Commodores Bursaries 2016
From India Page-Wood

All went well in Monaco, we returned home late Sunday night after our 4 1/2 days away.
Yacht Club de Monaco really treated us and the other 15 teams who attended;  the facilities are amazing and staff incredibly helpful.
The port in front of the club was the racing area.  It is surrounded by Super Yachtsoppies in Monaco 4 stories high, the Palace towers high on one side and the densely built city high on the other.  This made for an incredibly shifty race area with the wind swinging 180 degrees.  We did well to finish the round robin on day 3 in the top half.  We would have preferred on the final day that the race officer  split the fleet in 2 and the teams continued racing for places against each other e.g. 1 v 8, 2 v7, 3 v6 etc… however he opted for a different method which was:  Teams 1- 4 race for places, then 5 and 6  had 3 races to determine positions, then 7 and 8 raced each other to determine positions etc.  So on the last day we only had the opportunity to move 1 place which we achieved, beating Spain 2 races to 1, leaving us in 7th place -  but it was Germany, Sweden and Finland who took the podium.

It was a great experience for the team and we hope that HISC can participate again next year and continue to build good relations with YCM.



Congratulaitons to Tom Darling (HISC) and Crispin Beaumont (Bartley SC) - who recently won the 29er Youth Worlds - they were short-listed and eventual runners-up at the Yachting Journalists Association sailing awards, held at Trinity House, London on Tuesday, January 10th . The annual awards were presented before a large gathering of yachting media,  distinguished Yachtsman and Olympic sailors . . .