NEWS 2015

The beginning of the year saw the Hayling Rescue Rib lifted out and sent off for her major overhaul and refit. She is looking very smart  with her new sponsons and paintwork. Here is a report from Frank:-

        Earlier this year Hayling Rescue was booked into Pepe Boatyard, Mill Rythe, (now ABC Marine), the original builder some 16 years ago. The boat was completely stripped down and inspected, except for the engine which had had a major re-build 6 years ago.
        Damaged floor panels were replaced, the deck then being re-surfaced, and a comprehensive re-paint applied. New inflatable sponsons were manufactured and fitted and should have a 10 year life.  Finally the water jet drive was stripped, inspected and rebuilt, the impeller and other parts repaired and made good.

The Trust granted 7226 for this refurbishment, which was over a third of the total cost, the rest being provided by the Friends of Hayling Rescue. The rib is quite elderly now and HISTT has collected more funds – an anonymous donation of 5K being gratefully received - to enable this wonderful service, for all harbour users, to continue.
The Thursday Club and all the Training Squads would be lost without Frank in attendance!

HISC Thursday Club, which provides sailing opportunities for local  children, received grants in several stages this year. In July, 400 went to the Hayling Sea School to train six youngsters through their RYA Powerboat 2 qualification. Later on in October, five older pupils were put through their paces by Active Nations of Southampton, gaining their Instructor Certificates. This was covered by a further grant from HISTT of 865.

Thursday Club 1Thursday Club  (2)

The Thursday Club in Action         -           A bit of theory first with Paul Carpenter and then off to the sea.Jake


A rewarding story is that of Jake Edmond's who came all the way up through the Thursday club - gaining all necessary qualifications  - and is now employed by the Club as the latest, and very effective,  member off the Marine Crew.

The Trust is expecting further Grant Applications from the Thursday Club for next year and we are looking for donations to cover these. Catherine Massey co-ordinates the training and is our contact.

This year, the Commodores Bursaries were not awarded but there is  2000, or more, available for next year.

The ‘Seals’ – initiated by Sarah Mitchell three years ago -  caters for the under 10s playing in the lagoon. 

Seals in the lagoon_o

    ‘Oppies on a Rope’, seen here in the middle of the lagoon   -  if you look hard - are still greatly enjoyed.


‘’So which way do I push this?’’

Sessions on HISTTeria and HISTTerical are always oversubscribed.

There are several games and treasure hunts going on
 for the other children, in their own or free club boats,
 with lots of prizes


We hope to support ‘Seals ‘ with other projects in the future


We have some incoming funds, substantial amounts as stated above and some small but regular Standing Orders,
but we are always needing more! All donations made to HISTT, if given with a gift aid declaration, earn a 25% premium from HMRC to aid the good causes supported.

Please go to ‘  You can Help ’ for ways of donating.